It’s here! The hilarious new book about lockdown by Michael Honig.

“Mr Gray’s face appeared on the Zoom screen again, or not so much his face, but his hands, where his face was buried. So really there was only one thing I learned on the first day of home school: it wasn’t just my parents who were semi-idiots. It was all of them. The truth was: the grownups had NO IDEA what they were doing.”

Did you ever wonder what lockdown looked like to the kids?  Did you ever wonder what you looked like?  Pick up Home School Rules and get ready to laugh a lot – and maybe cry a little. 

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About Michael Honig


My name’s Michael Honig.  I used to be a doctor, now I write satire.  My philosophy is: the best way to fix something is to start by seeing the funny side of it.   And let’s face it, there’s barely a thing we humans do that doesn’t have a funny side.  (The trick is to make sure it doesn’t have a tragic side.)  So if you read my books and laugh, that’s great.  If you read them, laugh, and then think, hey, this is so absurd, we should do something about it – even better.  But honestly, I’m just happy if you read them. 

My latest book, Home School Rules, is a look at the world of lockdown through the eyes of a 10 year old boy.  If you ever wondered what we adults look like to kids when we’re stressed, caged and on an emotional rollercoaster, wonder no longer!  And be prepared to laugh.  Nothing is quite so funny as seeing ourselves in someone else’s mirror.  


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